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Arabica Blue Mountain coffee beans, processed by washing and sun drying. Tasting notes are clean smooth body, low in acidity and sweet undertones. Floral aromas. Medium roast.

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Cupping at 86 pts
Altitude: 1,300m ASL
Varietals: Arabica Blue Mountain
Processing: Washed, Sun Dried
Tasting Notes: Clean smooth body, low in acidity and sweet undertones. Floral aromas.
Roast: Medium

About the farmers: “This coffee is shade grown, a rarity in Haiti. Three hand chosen varietals provide amazingly smooth coffee, with balanced, natural sweetness and floral notes. The cooperative that grows these beans is paid roughly 300% higher wages than Fair Trade minimum, not out of charity, but for having an exceptional product. Sugarfuse! is thrilled to be able to offer this exceptionally smooth and high quality coffee. After we gave a sample to a friend he said “Ya know, when I left the day that Scott gave me a sample of these beans I thought ‘Man, Scott is such a good friend.’ Then I tasted the coffee and thought, ‘Scott is such a jerk! He got me hooked on these beans and now I buy a bag a week!’”

Additional information

Weight 12 oz

Grind Option

Whole Bean, French Press, Chemex, Percolator/Cold Brew, Pour Over, Automatic Drip, Aeropress, Espresso


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