Coffee from South America

Try one of our ethically sourced, small batch roasted coffee varieties from the continent of South America.

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Coffee from the Minas Gerais region

Altitude: 1,100m ASL
Varietals: Yellow Catuai
Processing: Natural Processed
Tasting Notes: Smooth & creamy bodied. Extraordinarily low acid with lots of natural sweetness. Marshmallow, chocolate, and walnut.
Roast: Dark

About the farmers: “From the Minas Gerais region of Brazil, this natural processed coffee ferments for 3 days, to break down sugars into the seed, and then is sun dried on raised beds. Café Kreyol works directly with 7 families in this region, each owning their own estate. This direct trade relationship has brought sustainable employment to 9 farmers total, and their children as a result have had consistent opportunity to attend school.” ~ Cafe Kreyol


Coffee from Colombia

Altitude: 1,900m ASL
Varietals: Heirloom Typica
Processing: Washed
Tasting Notes: Smooth, bold, cocoa, berries
Roast: Medium

About the farmers: “John Jairo Rojas was given Finca El Camilo by his father in ’82 when he was 15. With just 500 trees and the knowledge of coffee farming that his father passed to him, He and his wife, Sonia Granados, have grown the farm to over 7,000 trees. During harvest, John depulps each day’s pickings and lets the coffee ferment between 12 and 20 hours, depending on weather conditions. After fermentation, John washes the coffee in a channel until it is completely clean of mucilage. No pesticides or insecticides are used on Finca El Camilo.”


Coffee from Caranavi, Bolivia

Cupping at 88 pts.
1,600-1,700m ASL
Varietals: 100% Typica
Processing: Washed
Tasting Notes: Chocolate aromas that carry into the flavor and pair with mild notes of clean citrus. Heavily sweet caramel finish.
Roast: Medium

About the farmers: “This cooperative is comprised of all indigenous people, that are native to the land on the edge of the Andes mountains, and bordering the Rainforest and Jungle of the Amazon. The land next to their farms is government protected land, and the indigenous groups have decided to treat their land as if it were protected as well. Most of which have already been certified Smithsonian Bird Friendly, and all of which have been certified Organic. Cafe Kreyol (Sugarfuse’s purveyor) was connected to these groups through FECAFEB, who is a female owned not for profit located in La Paz. FECAFEB has the goal of increasing the quality of Bolivian coffee overall, and connecting suppliers to buyers throughout the world. FECAFEB has organized and managed tournaments in Bolivia, such as the Cup of Excellence. Cafe Kreyol had the honor of serving on the international jury for that event in 2016 and 2018.” ~ Cafe Kreyol

Peru - Decaf

Fair Trade Certified Organic Coffee from Peru

Tasting Notes: Medium body, well balanced, mildly acidic, caramel overtones with a smooth finish.
Roast: Medium

About the farmers: “From Peru, a truly exotic country whose borders include the Pacific ocean, the Andes mountains, the Amazon rainforest and the Amazon river. These beans are decaffeinated via the Swiss Water Process, which was pioneered in Switzerland in 1933 but not commercially viable until 1988. The Swiss Water Process extracts caffeine by soaking the beans. This also extracts oils and flavor molecules, so the caffeine is filtered out of what’s extracted, and all but the caffeine is re-introduced to the bean. There are no chemicals involved and our beans undergo the SWP at the only certified organic facility in the world, in Vancouver, British Columbia. Unlike other decafs, this is a great cup of coffee, regardless of the decaffeination process.”

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