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Heirloom typica varietal coffee beans, naturally dried process. Tasting notes of blueberry, dried fruit, floral and jasmine tea. Light roast.

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Cupping at 91 pts.
Altitude: 1,300m ASL
Varietals: Heirloom Typica
Processing: Natural (Dry Process)
Tasting Notes: Blueberry! Dried fruit, floral, jasmine tea
Roast: Light

About the farmers: “Oromia is a large coffee cooperative in Ethiopia, which makes it all the rarer that they would have coffee scoring over 90pts. With their profits, Oromia has reinvested in their community almost $1M in 2018 alone. Oromia used $738k to increase their cooperatives access to standardized wash/dry stations, which has already begun to increase quality and quantity of production for farmers. Additionally, they were able to use profits to reinvest $47k in potable water for members and launched a $50,346 investment targeted at assessing children aged 5-7 and implementing solutions to any failure in the education system for them. Clean water, increased education, and job opportunity make Oromia the exact type of success story we enjoy partnering with.” ~ Cafe Kreyol

Additional information

Weight 12 oz

Grind Option

Whole Bean, French Press, Chemex, Percolator/Cold Brew, Pour Over, Automatic Drip, Aeropress, Espresso


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