Coffee from North America

Try one of our ethically sourced, small batch roasted coffee varieties from the continent of North America.

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Ramirez Estate

Coffee from Cibao, Dominican Republic

Cupping at 85.5 pts.
Altitude: 1,300m ASL
Varietals: Red Caturra
Processing: Washed, Sun Dried
Tasting Notes: Smooth! Low acid, creamy body. Aromas and tasting notes of almonds, walnuts and chocolate.
Roast: Medium

About the farmers: “Besides being a very rare single origin coffee, this also comes from one family owned estate. The family is extraordinarily socially conscious. They use fermented coffee cherries to create natural gas, which powers their operation. They also donate books and computers to the local schools, and in a more rural area, they built and funded a new school preventing small children from having to walk over 15 km each way to class. They help Haitians obtain legal residence in the Dominican, in order to receive fair wages. We pay roughly 300% higher wages to this Estate for their exceptional care of the environment, organic certification, care for local Haitian immigrants, and high cupping scores. The Haitian’s who come here to work, and become employed by this estate, experience far more opportunity than the ones we have encountered in Haiti. We are drawn to helping Haitians, and even in the Dominican Republic, we make that our goal.” ~Cafe Kreyol

Haiti Blue Mountain

Coffee from the Central Plateau region of Haiti

Cupping at 86 pts
Altitude: 1,300m ASL
Varietals: Arabica Blue Mountain
Processing: Washed, Sun Dried
Tasting Notes: Clean smooth body, low in acidity and sweet undertones. Floral aromas.
Roast: Medium

About the farmers: “This coffee is shade grown, a rarity in Haiti. Three hand chosen varietals provide amazingly smooth coffee, with balanced, natural sweetness and floral notes. The cooperative that grows these beans is paid roughly 300% higher wages than Fair Trade minimum, not out of charity, but for having an exceptional product. Sugarfuse! is thrilled to be able to offer this exceptionally smooth and high quality coffee. After we gave a sample to a friend he said “Ya know, when I left the day that Scott gave me a sample of these beans I thought ‘Man, Scott is such a good friend.’ Then I tasted the coffee and thought, ‘Scott is such a jerk! He got me hooked on these beans and now I buy a bag a week!’”


Coffee from Nicaragua

Altitude: 1,200m ASL
Varietals: Pacas and Caturra
Processing: Honey Processed
Tasting Notes: Honey, candied apple, mango
Roast: Medium

About the farmers: Gold Mountain Coffee Growers, one of our green coffee bean suppliers, have their own flagship farm in Nicaragua: Finca Idealista. Environmental stewardship is just as important to them as coffee farming and they are on the cutting edge of some incredible environmental practices. Best of all, these efforts compliment the hard farm work that goes into producing consistently-excellent microlots that win roasters medals each year. This micro-lot is on the black honey end of the spectrum with as much mucilage preserved as possible. That sticky, sweet mucilage seeps into coffee beans as they dry on 1000+ raised beds, adding layers of sweetness and complexity.”

Honduras/18 Rabbit

Coffee from Marcala, Honduras

Altitude: 1,400m ASL
Varietals: Red/Yellow Catuai
Processing: Honey Processed
Tasting Notes: Maple aroma. Sweet chocolate taste, strong undertones of sugar cane and a fruity finish.
Roast: Medium

About the farmers: “Nestled near the pyramids of the Mayan King, 18 Rabbit (Uaxaclajuun Ub’aah K’awiil), Flhor Zelaya Ontreras set out to change the coffee culture in her area. Starting her first farm when she was five years old, she was already focusing on growing organically. Now, as an adult, Flhor is committed to total sustainability of the land. She acquired a Biodynamic certification, which guarantees that her farming not only has the absence of chemical pesticides and fertilizers, but that the planting of coffee does not disrupt the ecosystem. It instead works with it. She manages an all-female cooperative and is in the process of submitting a grant to the Cafe Femenino Foundation, to begin an entrepreneur program for indigenous women in the nearby mountains. Healthier land makes better coffee, and for her hard work, Flhor earns over 300% higher wages than the Fair Trade minimum. We have come to love her in the time we have known her, and we hope you can see why.” ~ Cafe Kreyol

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