About Storia Coffee

Crafting world class coffee in the heart of Ohio while elevating communities across the globe.

Our Story

In 2019 we moved our bakery, Sugarfuse! into a new location to finally have adequate space to roast our own coffee in a commercial setting. We enlisted advice from Damon Mullen – a great friend and a coffee guru who shared all his knowledge and taught Scott how to roast.

In 2021, with our coffee gaining popularity, it was clear it deserved a brand of its own, and Storia was born. Storia is Italian for “story” (and “history”) and with so many amazing stories behind the origins of our green coffee beans, it’s the perfect name for our amazing coffee.

raw coffee beans in basket

Our Values

Our goals are simple: To craft supremely high quality coffee, to make it approachable, to shine a spotlight on the importers, and to take care of coffee farmers.

Beyond Organic Coffee

Ethically Sourced

Small Batch Roasted

World Class Beans

The People Behind Storia Coffee

Scott Florence owner of Storia Coffee

Scott Florence - Owner

After moving from Los Angeles to small town Ohio, my wife Heather and I started a home bakery. I fell in love with cake decorating and over the years our little business grew and grew.

In 2019 we moved into our current location in beautiful downtown Dover. It's then that we added a coffee roaster and my long time dream of a specialty coffee roastery was realized. I've roasted our coffee 1-3 times a week since then and I'm now happy to turn most of that responsibility to Damon, who is just ridiculously talented. We're so fortunate to have him. I'm still in love with the process and fire up the roaster on my own pretty often.

Damon Mullen Storia Coffee Roaster

Damon Mullen - Roaster

Born and raised in Canton, Ohio. I built GIS and database systems before leaving the corporate world to start my own coffee roasting business in Dover, Ohio, where I was living at the time. I purchased a roaster without any experience and began teaching myself how to roast coffee by trial and error; nearly burning down my renovated garage on my very first roast!

I am passionate about using sustainable practices and sources while ensuring the highest standards of quality and, as a roaster, made a name for myself locally before taking a hiatus from the business for a few years. After turning over our equipment to Scott and teaching him how to roast, I realized how much I missed the process and was elated when he approached me about roasting for Storia.

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